Flexiguard Systems

The FlexiGuard™ A-Frame System provides a secure anchor point on a portable structure to give workers increased coverage and protection. Depending on the configuration, this system has the capacity to provide fall protection for up to two workers and can be easily moved from job site to job site, providing safe and reliable fall protection where you need it. These systems are ANSI and OSHA compliant. DBI-SALA® has created a proven process for developing unique solutions. Whether it’s an existing or modified product, or an entirely new design, FlexiGuard™ always meets the requirements of your specific application.

Each custom solution is driven by our customers’ needs and is dependent on the industry, environment and specific design constraints, including government standards. We also have numerous pre-engineered systems that may be a perfect solution to your fall protection challenge.

All of our systems are extremely durable and built to last with world-class quality, materials and workmanship. They are unique solutions to unique challenges, and fall protection you can trust.

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage12" SPEC CAD
Weldable Rooftop Anchorage15" SPEC CAD
Weldable Rooftop Anchorage18" SPEC CAD
Weldable Rooftop Anchorage21" SPEC CAD
Weldable Rooftop Anchorage24" SPEC CAD
Custom Weldable Rooftop AnchorageCustom SPEC CAD

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